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Tonight, they’d make their stand, once and for all.

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make me choose: sam or dean (asked by gadreelsam)

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doctor who meme: one doctor

ten [1/1]

“Look at these people. These human beings. Consider their potential. From the day they arrive on the planet and, blinking, step into the sun, there is more to see than can ever be seen. More to do than - no, hold on…sorry, that’s The Lion King. But the point still stands! Leave them alone!”

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they’d have all died.

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"My relationship with Maggie Smith; well, she got me the job at Potter, practically. So for anyone who doesn’t know that story, I basically owe everything to Maggie Smith, because I worked with her on David Copperfield and then she came on to Potter as McGonagall and said to the director: "You need to audition this boy." So I kind of owe her everything, so to Maggie I just say my fairy grandmother." - Daniel Radcliffe

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  • me on my dash: i swear to god i've never seen this post before yet somehow i've liked it already
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